The top English grammar course, speak and write better

The top English grammar course, speak and write better

learn the correct way to speak and write in English, improve how you speak, and be proud of yourself.

What you’ll learn

  • English: how to use Gerunds
  • When and how to use Infinitives in English
  • Master the difference between gerunds and Infinitives. This will help you speak better.
  • Get better at remembering the past that you see all the time
  • Verbs that are used to show how things work
  • The specific word
  • The passive voice is the way to say things.
  • The present perfect tense is the tense in which things are going well.
  • Intermediate students of English
  • A pen and a notebook
  • People who love to learn new things


This course is for people who already know a little bit about grammar but want to learn more and improve their skills when they speak.

what will you learn:

  • how to use Gerunds in English
  • how to use Infinitives in English
  • master the difference between gerunds and Infinitives
  • master the habitual past
  • model verbs
  • adverbs
  • adverbs of time
  • The adverbs of place
  • adverbs of manner
  • adverbs of degree
  • the definite article
  • the passive voice
  • the present perfect tense.

I should learn grammar because I need to know it.

  • You should study as much as you can to help you reach your goals.
  • Many people who learn a new language want to be able to talk to other people.
  • You should study grammar if it makes you a better speaker.
  • If you want to learn a new language and improve your communication, this is a great way to think about grammar. Through grammar study, you can become more familiar with common phrases and learn more about what the words and phrases really mean, making you a better person.
  • It will help you understand more of what you read and hear, as well as be able to write your own sentences with more self-assurance.

Because grammar is important

The following are three good reasons why you should study grammar if you want to be a better person who talks.
  • Each language has a different way of making things up. Improve your knowledge and use of English structures to make it easier for people who speak English to understand you.
  • Grammatical rules are the foundation for understanding what people say. Knowing the basics of what people say helps you understand words you don’t know.
  • Get a lot of examples when you need them so you can understand how the language works.

Who this course is for:

  • Learners of English.
  • Students in English.
  • There are students taking the IELTS test.
  • Anyone who wants to improve their English.
  • Those people who want to improve their grammar skills should take this course.
  • English students.
  • Éducators in English.
  • अंग्रेजी छात्र.
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about grammar can do this.

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