Cold Email Mastery

How would you like to write cold emails like this?

What you're about to learn has landed $10,000, $40,000 and $80,000/mo deals.

If you sell B2B products, this works.

This course will teach you
✅ Scraping email addresses
✅ Writing emails that get 4-10% of recipients on the phone
✅ Building systems to automate your outreach
If you do not sell B2B services, do not buy this course.

3 years ago I began a marketing agency.
I had zero clients or money.
For the first 7 months I spammed mass cold emails.
Yeah, I got responses:
"You're annoying"
"If you ever email me again I'm reporting you to the FTC"

Those days are long gone.
Now I know I can email any business owner, in any niche, and sell nearly any B2B product that delivers good results.
There are no "email blasts."
There are no black hat methods into fooling people.
There is no magic $1,000 software.
It's a single fundamental I insert into every email.
And I don't even think of sending without it.

I send less than 100 emails per week.
Sending any more would be too much.

Give me a cold email campaign with 200 recipients.
If you got 1 call, I'll get 10.
If you got 2 calls, I'll get 20.
By doing one thing.

Here's what my students have sold with cold email
> Web Design
> SaaS
> Lead Generation
> Email Marketing
> Funnel Building
> Copywriting
> Influencer Marketing
> Blog Writing
> Freelancing
> App Development
> Social Media Marketing
> Consulting
> Videography/Photography

Here's what you're going to learn...

✅ The only structure I use for writing cold emails.

✅ Three follow ups to send those that don't reply.

✅ A full scraping course that will teach you how to scrape ecommerce, local, enterprise, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

✅ The technical backend to setting up cold email campaigns.

✅ Exactly what needs to be in your signature to get responses.

✅ Sales strategies & funnels for signing clients.

✅ How to use freelancers to collect & write emails for you.

✅ Seven steps for never landing in the spam box.

✅ Eight cold email sequences I've sent, their results, and the strategy behind them.

What's Inside

✔️ Video - Introduction
✔️ Book - Cold Email Mastery
✔️ Video - Domains
✔️ Video - DNS Records
✔️ Video - Warming up & Custom Tracking Domains
✔️ Video - Writing scripts
✔️ Video - Video Outreach
✔️ Video - Creating Offers
✔️ Video - Writing personalized lines & hiring it out
✔️ Video - Good personalization examples
✔️ Video - Bad Personalization examples
✔️ Video - Scraping ecommerce stores
✔️ Video -  Scraping enterprise contacts
✔️ Video - Scraping LinkedIn
✔️ Video - Scraping B2B databases
✔️ Video - Finding owner contact info
✔️ Video - Automated sending
✔️ Video - Optimizing campaigns
✔️ Video - Astronomically increasing reply rates
✔️ Video - Cleaning Emails
✔️ Video - Google Sheet Systems
✔️ Video - Zapier Automations
✔️ Video - James Watson, $1 million+ in sales from LinkedIn teaches personalized images
✔️ Video - Devesh, $20k/mo agency owner teaches frameworks
✔️ Video - Increasing call show up rates
✔️ Video - Additional strategies
✔️ Video - $80k/mo Contract Case Study

Who this is for

✅ Anybody selling business to business services (agencies / freelancers / SaaS)
✅ You make at least $500 from each of your customers
✅ Selling your service requires a phone call (you can sometimes close without one - but the function is generating phone calls)

Who this is not for

❌ Business to consumer companies
❌ You make less than $500 from each customer
❌ Real estate agents

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The Complete Email Marketing Course for Small Businesses
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