Native NoFollow - Link Building Course - Charles Floate

Native NoFollow - Link Building Course - Charles Floate
Most link building campaigns fail because they don't build the foundations of links at the start, they don't build trust signals and they go too hard with one single link type. 

It's not exactly hard for Google to find an SEO who's built all of his links guest posting on WordPress blogs...
I've seen companies and individuals spend tens of thousands of dollars on link building without properly balancing their website link profiles. As a result, they never earn anywhere near a decent ROI on the spend they invest.

The Aim of This Course

Is to teach you why this type of NoFollow link building is so important to the success of your SEO strategy, how you can easily implement them into your new or aged sites and how to lower the cost of your SEO campaigns significantly with free methods, automation and much more.
Most of these tasks are mundane and repetitive, especially if you're doing tens (or even hundreds) of sites. That's why I've systemized the entire process, given away SOPs for you to hand off to your VAs, and made the entire course as easy to follow as possible.

Who Is This Course For?

Anyone with an intermediate to advanced knowledge of SEO. This course is NOT beginner-friendly and will likely go over many people's heads without real experience in SEO and, more specifically, link building.
You're going to get the most out of this course if you have multiple websites (or clients websites) that you can implement low-cost strategies to improve your link building campaigns and ranking results.
If you own an agency or run an SEO team, this would be the perfect addition to your link building training too.

Google's Big Announcement & Core Updates

In September 2019, Google made a key announcement that NoFollow would become a hint directive.
Whilst we didn't see any immediate changes, there has been a significant swing in the importance of NoFollow links ever since... And this is reflected in almost every core update that has been released as well.
Even before Google's announcement, the SEO community knew the importance of link diversity and trust signals.
Now you have the ability to get link juice out of them, there's absolutely no reason you shouldn't be actively acquiring NoFollow backlinks.

Future Proofing Your Link Building Strategy

Every algorithm update Google has dropped since 2019 has increased the importance of NoFollow backlinks. That trend is only going one way, and as more publishers move to implement the NoFollow tag (Even after close to two decades since its release) there are more opportunities you're missing out on by ignoring these links.
As well as the fact that in the not-so-near future, you're going to NEED these links to be able to justify the authenticity of your site.

What Is Inside The Course?

This video course takes you from understanding why you need these types of links all the way through to building your own systemized approach to building them at scale.
  • The History Behind NoFollow & Why It's So Important
  • Trust Signals Explained
  • Baking Trust Into Your Link Building Campaigns
  • NoFollow Link Auditing
  • How To Find NoFollow Link Targets & Trust Signals
  • Competitor Link Acquisition & Analysis
  • Tiered Link Building 
  • Disavow & NoFollow Backlinks
  • OnPage Trust Signals
As well as many more tips, tricks and golden nuggets throughout.

BONUS - My NoFollow S.O.P. Database (DA/DR80 - 99)

Last updated: 8/2021 | Size: 813 MB
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