Professionally learn to design & implement Goldengate setup for ur customer & enterprise

What you’ll learn

  • Latest and Master Oracle Goldengate Version 19c with practicals and realtime activites
  • Install and Download Oracle GoldenGate 19c in realtime – Decide where to Install oracle Goldengate
  • Issue GGSCI commands.
  • What are the different architectures of Goldengate and how to setup Replication
  • Realtime Activities to setup Oracle Goldengate processes
  • Configure, start, stop and monitor Change Capture and Delivery processes in Realtime
  • Manage Extract trails, Remote trails and files using Data Pump and Replicat
  • How to design and analyse Oracle Goldengate for your projects – Things to consider and how to do seggregation
  • Prerequisites to download and setup Oracle Goldengate 19c
  • How to check Oracle Goldengate Certification matrix
  • Comprehend and Create Goldengate process parameter files
  • Different types of extracts and Replicats available for configuration in 19c
  • Oracle Goldengate how to perform Silent Installation
  • Setting up Oracle database and preparing source and target database for Goldengate Replication
  • Oracle Goldengate 19c New features
  • Oracle Goldengate 19c: Troubleshooting – OGG common issues troubleshooting,approach and strategy
  • Oracle Goldengate 19c: Tuning – Perform tuning of Manager, Extract and Replicate.
  • Identify what causes slow startups.
  • Monitor lag and statistics.
  • Oracle Goldengate Bidirectional Replication- Setup in realtime with considreations and things to keep in mind
  • Bidirectional Auto CDR – Oracle Goldengate new feature-
  • Diagnose and tune the Integrated Extract and Integrated Replicat and usage and benefits
  • Parallel Replicat – Oracle Goldengate new feature setup in realtime and usage and benefits
  • Heartbeat Table – Oracle Goldengate new feature setup in realtime and usage and benefits
  • Performane Matrix server(PMSRVR)- Oracle Goldengate new feature setup in realtime and usage and benefits
  • DDl Replication setup in realtime and usage and benefits
  • What is Supplemental logging – benefits and usage
  • Create Oracle Goldengate Credential Store
  • Goldengate architecture and Process data flow
  • Difference between Time since Checkpoint and Lag at Checkpoint
  • Goldengate process status and trail file switchover scenarios
  • How to autostart Goldengate processes realtime
  • Oracle Goldengate concepts and components
  • Oracle Goldengate Initial Load and File to Replicat initial load in realtime
  • Zero downtime upgradation and migration Strategy
  • Realtime usage and benefits to show how GG could be used as business intelligence tool along with informatica/ODI
  • Data Filteration and transformation
  • How to add new table into already running OGG configuration
  • Oracle Goldengatesecurity in realtime and how to perform trail file Encryption
  • How to read Goldengate trail files using Logdump utility in realtime
  • How to put description to Oracle Gldengate new and existing processes
  • Oracle Goldengate Macros,Obey Files and Include Files
  • Special sessions on project activites, how to HANDLE Collisions and different parameters
  • Enabling Command Line security


  • Basic knowledge of database architecture
  • Familiarity with Linux Basics
  • Familiarity with SQl Basics


Oracle Goldengate 19c is the latest version of Oracle Goldengate with lot of new features and advantages. The new features include robustness,security,performance and loads of new features. This course is complete course which starts from download and installation of Goldengate and covers advanced topics.
I created this course because I want to encourage you to learn and build career in Goldengate. I want you to be an expert in Goldengate. Contrary to what we are being told and even technical “gurus”, learning Goldengate is not difficult. Its very easy. Creating this course has been a journey – a journey of delivering my knowledge I’ve carried about Goldengate for a long time. i want to emphasise learning Goldengate is easy and being a Goldengate expert is not that tough. it just need some guidance,mentorship and practise. This course has all ingredients to make you learn Goldengate and pave your path towards becoming Goldengate expert.
This is the course with realtime activity course focussing on practicals. This course will make you interview ready and job ready. My assurance is at the end of the training you will be able to setup, manage,troubleshoot,configure Goldengate on ur own as well as able to provide solutions related to Goldengate on ur own to ur customer. If you are starting you carerr in Goldengate or new to Goldengate this is the correct course to pursue. Also if u have done my 12c course still there are lot of new topics introduced with this training.It is highly recommended that you enroll for this course.  this course has all the topics. This is the best course available related to Goldengate.
The course is designed to meet best learning experience. With each session of the course you get notes/recap of the session and what practical implementaion to follow prior to next session to get you ready. With the course you get step by step activity guides,whatsapp group support and for any technical issues I am just an email away.
The course Oracle GoldenGate 19c training will help you gain a strong foundation as well as expertise in implementing Oracle GoldenGate solutions. The course will deep dive into Oracle Goldengate architecture, parameters, mapping, transformations, and much more with real-time examples. You’ll also gain hands-on expertise with the help of Oracle GoldenGate training. There are many new topics included in training:
1. Parallel Replicat
2. Bidirectional auto CDR
3. Heartbeat table
5. Troubleshooting strategies
6. Goldengate security wallet

Who this course is for:

  • Administrator
  • Database Administrator
  • Implementer
  • System Integrator
  • Systems Administrator
  • Analyst
  • Architect
  • Developer
  • DBAs
  • Goldengate Administrators
  • technologists

Course content

11 sections • 23 lectures • 23h 12m total length
  • Introduction,installation of Oracle Goldengate & Different Architectures
  • Oracle Goldengate replication setup -Prerequisites and Configuration
  • Introduction to Troubleshooting technques in OGG and process Data Flow
  • All about Goldengate parameters and Parameter files
  • Initial Load using OGG and how to approach and strategize troubleshooting issues
  • Zero Downtime Upgradation & Migration Strategy & Data Filteration in OGG
  • Data Transformation, GG with Informatica, Parallel Replicat and OGG Lag
  • OGG New features Automatic Heartbeat Table and Performance Metrics Server
  • OGG Checkpoint, Configuring Security in OGG, DDL Replication and Logdump
  • OGG Bbidirectional Replication and Bidirectional Auto CDR ,OGG 19c new features
  • OGG Performance Tuning, OGG Macros, OGG Include_Files and using Obey Command

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