Bitcoin for Beginners – Meet the Architect: Satoshi Nakamoto

Learn about the Cypherpunk Crypto Rebel, who invented Bitcoin & Blockchain by solving the double-spending problem

What you’ll learn

  • Fundamentals of monetary system, and the history of Money
  • Learn about the Cypherpunk Manifesto
  • What is the Cypherpunk movement, and it’s properties
  • You will learn about the cryptographers who were the roots of Bitcoin and Blockchain
  • You will learn about Satoshi’s skill sets
  • Learn about Satoshi’s political ideology
  • You will learn about Satoshi’s Early timeline
  • You will learn about Satoshi’s Writing style
  • Learn how Satoshi Published the Bitcoin Software
  • Speculations on Satoshi’s identity
  • You will learn why Satoshi is a group of people & NOT a group of people
  • You will learn about 10 possible Satoshi Candidates
  • Learn How Can Satoshi Prove himself
  • You will learn about How Satoshi left the Bitcoin project
  • You will learn about Why Satoshi left the Bitcoin project
  • Learn about where Satoshi is today
  • You will learn why it matter who Satoshi is


  • There are no prior requirements for taking this course.
  • This course is explained in everyday english, therefore no technical background necessary.


Satoshi Nakamoto, who invented Bitcoin, also implemented the first blockchain, and deployed the first ever decentralized digital currency, which is know as cryptocurrency.
In order for Satoshi to succeed, he had to find a solution for the double-spending problem.The fact is that most people in crypto has no idea who invented bitcoin, blockchain, and the first ever decentralized cryptocurrency.
I have found some great resources, which include documentaries, books, audiobooks, video courses on these topics, still, even the best contents just don’t focus on the inventor more than 5 to 10 %, and so I have decided to create this course and purely focus of the Architect of Bitcoin.
There are more than 10000 online exchanges, as well thousands of cryptocurrency wallets, including online wallets, desktop wallets, mobile wallets, hardware wallets, and paper wallets.
There are bitcoin and Blockchain consultants, Bitcoin day traders, or even bitcoin brokers,

Also a huge demand for blockchain, application developers, sales people and marketers.

There are Bitcoin related certifications, such as the one I have, Certified Bitcoin Professional, but there are others too, such as Certified Bitcoin Expert, and Certified Ethereum Developer.
There are thousands of bitcoin news channels, forums, Facebook groups, and meetups, all over the world, in multiple languages.
You can accept bitcoin as a merchant, or make purchases using bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies, and buy literally anything on thousands of websites, such as Dell, Microsoft, Intel, Overstock, Expedia, Tesla, or Lamborghini.
There are  thousands of bitcoin related gift items available, such as T Shirts, hats, watches, bracelets, keyrings, mugs, pens, and so on.
As you see my point is that the Bitcoin industry has been grown dramatically, after 9 years of it’s existence, but we must not forget that it was all started with a mystery man called Satoshi Nakamoto.So, who is he, or she, or they?
What kind of personality, or political believes he has, how about his writing styles, or technical expertise such as coding skills, cryptography, game theory framework, or financial education, right?
In this course you will learn everything there is to know about the father of Bitcoin and Blockchain!

Who this course is for:

  • The ideal student is someone who wants to learn quickly about the Bitcoin Inventor
  • Novice to Bitcoin, anyone who wants to know more about Satoshi Nakamoto
  • Anyone who is interested in FinTech – Financial Technology.
  • Anyone who is interested in Bitcoin Trading, or Bitcoin Investing.
  • Who uses Bitcoin in their daily lives.
  • Moreover, it is recommended for: Accountants, Sales & Marketing professionals, Teachers, and Educators, Entrepreneurs, IT Professionals, Project Managers or anyone who wants to know more about Bitcoin

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