Microservices Development Revolution with .Net5 and Dapr

What you'll learn
Developing Modern Distributed Microservices applications using AspNetCore5 and DAPR

This course starts explaining what separates a microservices architecture and a monolithic architecture

It sets out to teach you what led the Microsoft company to come up with the Dapr (Distributed Application Runtime) technology.

It teaches you the components of the Dapr technology and what those components are useful for

It teaches you how to install and/or update Dapr library globally on your local machine

It teaches you the Dapr relation with Docker

It teaches you what side car technology means and how it helps ease the development of microservices applications.

It teaches you what Service Invocation Block (Service Discovery Block) is used for and what methods Dapr makes available to put that block into action in your projects.

It teaches you Dapr SDK for .NET library.

It teaches you as a starter how to build a simple microservices project where you learn how to use Service Invocation Building Block in a project that consists of a web frontend and webapi backend projects, whereby discovering the backend service automatically.

It teaches you how the PubSub Messaging Building Block helps you develop asynchronously communicating microservices easily with the Dapr sidecar technology without any plumbing code.

After teaching you the basics, it lets you learn how to design a fully functional distributed microservices business application involving 4 microservices and Azure Face API portal's free of charge face detection offerings.

It teaches you in a step by step fashion starting with the web interface to develop each microservice, testing the collaboration between the microservices and the outcome at each stage.

It teaches you how to get an Authentication key from the Azure Face API portal and to use it within your microservice to send a photo to the API and get back the face image coordinates from there.

It teaches you how to spin up docker containers for mssqlserver and maildev for email.

It teaches you how to create migrations code using Entity Framework Core and creating the database and its tables during design time.

It teaches how to run the migrations code during the runtime automatically by code.

It teaches you how to use 3rd party image processing libraries to crop face images from a photo given the face coordinates.

It teaches you to learn and put into good usage the Input and Output Bindings from the Dapr library.

It teaches you how to use Dapr Input Binding Block as a Cron job service to make one webapi end-point wake up at regular intervals to do the given job.

It teaches you how to use redis database as a key/value pair data store as a Dapr Side car element known as State Management Building Block.

It teaches you how to use redis as a messaging instrument when using the pub/sub Building Block of the Dapr

You will get a taste of telemetry and diagnostics facilities using Zipkin with Dapr through the Dapr dashboard.

It teaches you how to utilize Microsoft's another new invention namely the Tye Project to orchestrate your microservices by using a tye.yaml file similar to docker-compose technology but without writing any docker files.

You will also learn how to debug a daprized app by the Tye Project.

You will also get a taste of structured logging server such as SEQ that will help you with your drill-down queries of the logs.

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