Deploy Infra in the Cloud using Terraform

Learn how to apply Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with Terraform. Covers Web Apps, Database, VM, Kubernetes, and Azure.

What you’ll learn

  • Automate infrastructure deployment to the cloud
  • Create Terraform templates
  • Working with the “Execution Plan”
  • Sharing and locking the State file
  • Deploy into dev/test and production
  • DevOps CI/CD pipelines for Terraform
  • GitOps with Atlantis
  • Creating and deploying Web Apps, Databases, VMs, Storage, Kubernetes clusters
  • Deploy to multiple cloud platforms using Modules
  • Troubleshooting Terraform
  • Applying Infrastructure as Code (IaC)


  • Basic cloud services


Terraform is becoming the standard when it comes to deploying infrastructure into the cloud or on-premise.
In this course, you will learn how to create and deploy Terraform templates.
We will work with the different Terraform commands like init, plan, apply and destroy.
We’ll explore terraform features like input and output parameters, the execution plan, and the remote backend state.
We’ll write templates for Web Apps, SQL Database, VMs, Storage, Kubernetes clusters, and many more.
We’ll create the DevOps CI/CD pipelines using Azure DevOps and Github Actions to deploy into multiple environments: dev, test, and prod.
Then we’ll implement GitOps for Terraform using Atlantis.
Along with all these demonstrations, you’ll also learn the Best practices in terms of security, configuration, and scalability.
I hope you are ready and excited about this journey!
Bring a coffee and let’s get started.

Current plan:

  • Intro to Terraform (Init, Plan, Apply, Delete)
  • Requirements (Terraform, Azure subscription, Azure CLI, VS Code+TF plugin, any OS)
  • Deploying Resource Group into Azure
  • Pay Attention to Resource Recreation
  • Validate and Format Templates
  • Deploying Web App
  • Adding Variables File
  • Creating Variables in .tfvars Files
  • Overriding Variables in the command line
  • Creating Output Variables
Execution Plan
  • Overview of Terraform Plan
  • Demo


  • Working with Remote Backend State
Infra Deployments
  • Deploying SQL Server with a Database
  • Deploying and configuring Web App and SQL Server
  • Deploying Linux VM
  • Deploying Windows VM with Azure Bastion
  • Deploying AKS cluster
  • Deploying AKS with Managed Identity and ACR
Terraform features
  • Functions (for each, for, count, if/else, random, lower, upper, min, max…)
DevOps with Terraform
  • Deploy Terraform templates using Azure DevOps
  • Configuring the CI/CD pipelines
Upcoming lectures:
  • Data Source
  • Workspaces/Environments
  • Testing TF with Terratest
  • Multicloud
  • Deploy to AWS and GCP
  • TF competitors: Ansible, Pulumi, ARM, Cloud Formation
  • TF with ARM
  • GitOps with TF (Atlantis…)
  • TF Providers for Kubernetes, Helm, Docker, GIT…

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner to cloud automation
  • Software developers switching to Ops or DevOps
  • Students looking for a more in-depth course for IaC

Last updated: 4/2021 | Size: 2.8 GB
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