Groovy Programming Fundamentals for Java Developers

Supercharge your productivity by understanding the quickest way to write Java-based applications!

What you’ll learn

  • The fundamentals of the Groovy programming language
  • How to write and adapt Groovy scripts
  • How to read Groovy and understand how a Groovy program functions


  • Working knowledge of the Java programming language is assumed as a prerequisite, although the course can be used without this knowledge too (but it will make more sense and be easier for a Java developer to understand)


Welcome to the wonderful world of Groovy!
In this course, we take you step-by-step through the most common features and programming idioms of the Groovy programming language enabling you to supercharge your developer productivity by harnessing the power of Groovy’s lightweight and succinct programming syntax!
We’ll explore Groovy’s lightweight and powerful syntax which slashes development time down to at most a quarter of the time you’d spend in writing the equivalent Java program!
As a Java developer with over 20 years of programming in the main investment banks of the world, I’m proficient in Java for sure.  But in spite of the skill level I have in Java, Groovy is still my number one go-to language when it comes to knocking up quick scripts to automate drudge work and even for writing full-scale applications too (using other frameworks such as Grails and Griffon).
Groovy is predominantly seen today in Jenkins pipelines scripts and in Gradle build scripts, but this really underplays its power and versatility as we’ll see in this course.  You’re gonna excited by its features and start using it in your day-to-day developer activities once you take this course!

In particular, you’ll learn the following:

  • Getting set up with Groovy, installing it, and creating Groovy projects in the IDE
  • Exploring the Groovy toolset
  • Using Groovy Console to execute Groovy code
  • Common Groovy operators which form the cornerstone of its powerful syntax
  • Strings, heredocs, and using regular expressions and capture groups to parse and extract strings
  • Groovy collections and the enhancements delivered by the GDK (Groovy Development Kit)
  • Iterating collections
  • Searching through collections
  • Filtering and transforming collections in Groovy with Groovy’s powerful closure mechanism
and much much more!
I can’t wait to see you inside and share my passion for Groovy with you – so enroll today and let’s get started! 

Who this course is for:

  • Beginning to intermediate level Java developers who want to accelerate their existing Java coding tasks by using Groovy
  • Interested developers of other programming languages who want to learn the fastest way to write programs that can execute on the Java Virtual Machine, without having to use Java itself

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