Data Structures & Algorithms Essentials (2021)

Data Structures & Algorithms Essentials (2021)

Master the core concepts & internal workings of data structures, build algorithms & solve problems using C++

What you’ll learn

  • Core concepts & internals of Data Structures
  • Trees, Linked Lists, Heaps, Graphs
  • Build all data structures from scratch
  • Object-Oriented Programming Basics
  • Brute Force & Optimisation Techniques
  • Space-Time Complexity Analysis
  • Hash Functions, Collision Handling
  • Recursion & Backtracking
  • Dynamic Memory & Pointers
  • Create your own DS library!
  • C++ Standard Template Library Basics
  • Project – Design & Implement Shopping Cart


  • Familiarity with any one programming language
  • Ability to understand & write code (preferably C/C++)
  • Understanding of Loops, Variables, Conditional Statements


Are you a beginner looking to enter the world of Data Structures or an intermediate programmer wondering what happens behind a Hash-table?
Welcome to Data Structures & Algorithms, Essentials Course – the only course you need to understand the core concepts behind Data Structures & build solid programming foundations using C++. The course is taught by an expert instructor Prateek Narang from Google, who is not just a software engineer but also has mentored thousands of students in becoming great programmers & developers and is top-rated on Udemy for his amazing teaching skills.
Every software application revolves around data, performing different operations like Insert, Delete, Update & Search. To be a great software developer, an understanding of Data Structures & Algorithms is a must and this course provides you with a deep understanding of the topic by covering both the theory and hands-on implementation of each data structure from scratch.
The Course contains 20+ hours of interactive video content & dozens of coding exercises, teaching you all essential concepts starting from ground zero. Each section covers data structure in great detail, with Coding Exercisesreal-life examples. Here is what you will learn –

Programming Concepts

Bit masking
Object-Oriented Programming Basics
Pointers & Dynamic Memory (C++)

Data Structures Foundation

Array, 2D Array, Strings, Vectors
Linked Lists, Stacks, Queues
Trees, BST, Tries
Heaps/Priority Queues
Hash-tables, Collision Handling

Algorithms Foundation

Brute Force, Backtracking
Sorting & Searching
Divide & Conquer
Dynamic Programming
The course is designed for beginner & intermediate programmers. We try to make not so easy topics look easy with intuitive explanations & interactive video lectures with dozens of memes  The course finishes with a final mini-project – a command-line app for an online shopping cart combining principles from Object-Oriented Programming & Data Structures.
Unlike most instructors, we are not a salesperson or a marketer. My job is to help you build strong fundamentals in programming & be a successful developer. Through Udemy & Coding Minutes, I am providing this course to you at a fraction of cost of its original cost, so that anyone who is interested to learn can take their skills to the next level. So I hope you sign up today, and I will see you in the course.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner level programmers
  • Students who want to learn data structures
  • Students from Computer Science & related branches
  • Working professionals who want to brush up on the internals of hashmaps, heaps, graphs, etc

Last updated: 8/2021 | Size: 14 GB
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